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#MahitX in the time of COVID - 19

We studied articles and the effect of corona and trying to contribute our effort and skill of 3D printing towards COVID-19

China’s Doctors, Fighting the Coronavirus, Beg for Masks
Face shields are essential Personal Protective Equipment for use by medical staff and other individuals who are exposed to high risk of airborne / particulate viral infections. These shields provide complete coverage of face, ears and neck and are extremely ergonomic and comfortable for long hours of use.
Disclaimer: These products have been designed under extraordinary circumstances.
These products are all open-source experimental models designed to aid those who are running out of equipment and need urgent alternatives. We are here to help those at the frontlines beat this global pandemic by printing these products in the hope that it will help. They haven't had a chance to go through the appropriate testing protocols and hence we will be unable to take responsibility.
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